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Record: 680,000 concurrent viewers!

Ninja Vegas 18

On Apr 21, 2018 in the Las Vegas E-Sports Arena Allied Esports organized an event featuring the well known Twitch-star "Ninja" which was streamed all over the world.
Everyone was able to compete against "Ninja" on the Fortnite event and over 230 competitors tried their best.
Over the course of 9 games Ninja battled against the other players. Every win for them made them $2,500 richer and every win for Ninja resulted in money towards an Alzheimer charity.
It was a huge success and an important esports event this year, also the first ever big Fortnite esports event since release.

Source: Twitch

Pure entertainment

The enormous range and interest achieved by this event is a good depiction on the growing significance of Esports in the world of entertainment.
More people watched the stream of this event at the same time as ever before on twitch.
Overall, this was a successful event and we are glad to improve further to get esports to the people!

Source: Twitch

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