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    ELC Gaming

    ELC Gaming is a tournament organizer and content creator in the world of Esports.

    With the world´s first mobile Esports Arena, our showtruck Big Betty, we bring Esports to the people. Alongside our Streaming Channel ELCGamingTV and Esport Arenas all over the world we connect the online world to live events.

  • Tournaments


    We are proud to organize one of the hottest new major Esport tournaments in the world, ESPORT SUPERSTARS.

    The first event took place in December 2016 in Germany, near Hamburg. 16 of the world´s best Hearthstone players competed in what they said toughest field of the year. Over 4.2 Million viewers in several countries made this a great success.

  • ELC Gaming
Competitive Play

Competitive Play

We create esport competitions for players, viewers and sponsors

Mobile Arena
Big Betty

Mobile Arena

Meet the world´s first mobile esports Arena, our Showtruck Big Betty.

Streaming Studio

Streaming Studio

Esports, VR and the most popular games, live on our twitch channel.

  • Taking eSports to the people

    Taking eSports to the people

    With our mobile Esports Arena, our Showtruck Big Betty, we can be in any place at any time. We bring Esports to the people!

  • Our Event Location - The Garage

    Our Event Location - The Garage

    More than just the place where we park Big Betty! THE GARAGE is a full equipped event location for exciting eSport competitions.

  • Production Value

    Production Value

    With over 30 years of TV broadcasting experience, we know how to make it look good! Stay tuned for the first episodes of the Hearthstone Superstars soon!
  • Major Esport Events

    Major Esport Events

    With the ESPORT SUPERSTARS format, we bring the best players in the world together with the biggest influencers, all with one goal: to entertain the people!

  • Brandnew Stream

    Brandnew Stream

    With a talented team of streamers we will start ELCgamingTV on march the 20th, showing Esports, VR and the most popular games on Twitch.

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We are proud to be the european arm of the worldwide Allied Esports Network. With Studios and Arenas in Europe, China and Northern America we can deliver content and host tournaments all over the world.